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Garry South has more than 40 years’ experience at very high levels in government, politics and business consulting. He has worked for both the federal government and state governments in three different states, including as Special Assistant to a U.S. Cabinet Secretary, Senior Political Advisor to a Governor, Communications Director to another Governor, Chief of Staff to a Lieutenant Governor and Public Information Director of a State Legislature.

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Another VPOTUS tries for POTUS: What does history tell us?

The Hill

May 21, 2019

If the most recent polls are to be believed, Joe Biden has jumped into a commanding lead in the brigade-sized Democratic field, after his long delayed, almost Hamlet-esque entry into the race. The former two-term vice president has zoomed into an impressive double-digit lead not only nationally,... Read More
California’s early primary no pot of gold for Kamala Harris

Sacramento Bee

March 5, 2019

Ever since Sen. Kamala Harris announced her presidential campaign, there’s been a gush of speculation about the importance of her home state in the nomination process – especially since the California primary has been moved up to March. I’m neither for nor against Harris in the primary, and I wil... Read More
A third party in California? Sorry, not going to happen

LA Times

January 17, 2019

Could the burgeoning number of independent voters in California constitute the basis for a third party, to compete with the Democrats and the Republicans? I regularly get calls from national political reporters asking for reaction to this prospect, and now some state-based pundits are suggesting Cal... Read More