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Garry South has more than 40 years’ experience at very high levels in government, politics and business consulting. He has worked for both the federal government and state governments in three different states, including as Special Assistant to a U.S. Cabinet Secretary, Senior Political Advisor to a Governor, Communications Director to another Governor, Chief of Staff to a Lieutenant Governor and Public Information Director of a State Legislature.

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4 needed reforms of California’s recall election rules

Cal Matters

July 26, 2021

Once the $276 million (in taxpayer funds) gubernatorial recall is mercifully over in September, the Democratically controlled Legislature needs to seriously address deficiencies in the recall process.

In the 92 years since the provision was added to the state Constitution and 2003, ther... Read More
Another Arnold in this California recall? Would it even matter?

The Hill

June 2, 2021

Much of the speculation surrounding the impending recall vote on California Gov. Gavin Newsom has centered on whether another Arnold Schwarzenegger-type figure would enter the race and alter the dynamic, as happened in the 2003 recall that ripped Gov. Gray Davis from office. When Caitlyn Jenner a... Read More
Meet the elephant in Caitlyn Jenner’s room

Capitol Weekly

May 10, 2021

Republican recall candidate John Cox, who Gavin Newsom demolished in the 2018 governor’s race, is so desperate he’s started campaigning with a 1,000-lb bear. But there’s a different animal stalking the campaign of Caitlyn Jenner. The elephant in the room — quite literally — with the Jenner candid... Read More
Why no Democrat should run in the Newsom recall

Cal Matters

April 20, 2021

With a recall against Gov. Gavin Newsom looming later this year, there’s a fair bit of nonsense circulating about his strategy for beating the attempt to oust him from office – chiefly, people arguing that a prominent Democrat should jump into the race to replace him. A recall ballot consists of... Read More