More campaign trail humor

September 15, 2003

The Sacramento Bee

The best joke at the weekend GOP convention, meanwhile, was probably the luncheon version of an old standard as told by U.S. Rep. Mary Bono. It rang true for Republican activists who have watching Democratic political consultant Garry South demolish their candidates over the years:

“Arnold is out on a boat with the pope,” she said. “And the boat’s moving along, and the pope’s hat flies off and lands in the water, 50 feet back. So Arnold says to the pope: ‘I’ll get it.’ The pope watches Arnold climb over the railing and walk across water 50 feet to pick up the pope’s hat.

“The pope was amazed,” she said. “Arnold walked on water. But the next day Garry South puts out a press release saying, ‘Arnold Can’t Swim.’”