California Metal Recyclers Coalition 2019-Present

In late 2019, Garry South was engaged by the California Metal Recyclers Coalition to develop and implement a public-information strategy to support a lawsuit the Coalition filed against the state Department of Toxic Substances Control. The litigation involves the department’s attempt to designate metal-recycling facilities as “hazardous waste treatment” sites. Scrap metal is not considered a hazardous waste under either California or federal law, it is a raw material that is used to make new metal-containing products. South set about to create a logo for the Coalition, develop talking/messaging points, FAQs, and build an extensive website about the industry and the public service it provides by taking tons and tons of scrap metal — including 1.5 million end-of-life vehicles — off of our streets and alleys, and out of our neighborhoods and communities every year. The public-information effort has included drafting and placing seven opinion pieces with various signers in diverse publications, and banner ads in various news sites drawing traffic to the website and promoting metal-recycling as a critical part of maintaining a cleaner environment.