After complaints about Obama CA fundraising, White House says president to discuss Obamacare in CA

June 12, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle

Just 24 hours after some California Democrats complained that President Obama’s fundraising here is giving short shrift to key issues key issueslike the Affordable Care Act, the White House says the president will now discuss about the benefits of the Obamacare during his trip on Thursday.
From White House press secretary Jay Carney’s press briefing today: “Before departing for Los Angeles, “President Obama will deliver a statement in San Jose on Friday morning about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act for working Californians and all Americans.”

“He’ll highlight the promising news that, despite dire predictions, early data on insurance competition and premiums in the state shows the ACA is creating quality, affordable choices for Californians who plan to buy insurance this fall.”

“California is the largest state with the biggest insurance market in the country and with nearly 6 million uninsured, the state is also a critical part of the effort to sign up Americans for insurance.”

The President plans a fundraising trip to Northern California Thursday, where he will appear at two events in Silicon Valley to benefit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, with tickets ranging from $2,500 to $34,200 per person. This marks the president’s 13th official trip to the region, all of them including fundraising stops.

The Chronicle on Monday reported that California Democrats like veteran strategist Garry Southcomplained that the president — while returning here repeatedly to gather campaign checks — has failed to hold public events that highlight key issues like the implementation of Obamacare in California.

“We probably are further ahead in implementing Obamacare than any other state. … We’re setting up the exchanges that many other states have resisted,” he said. “And we have a Democratic governor and Democratic majorities in both legislative houses fully on board.”

South noted that even as Obama arrives this week to pick up checks from donors, Covered California, the new marketplace and state exchange for health care services, is working to educate the public on the legislation’s impact.

“A president of the United States, in a public forum, can say a few words – and that’s worth a lot more a than a few public service ads that no one will see,” South said. “He could play a very useful role here in helping the state with more registered voters than there are people living in 46 of the other 49 states.”

The White House said more details on Obama’s statement will be released as they become available.

We’ll continue to update.